Become an Instructor

Become a UoSU Instructor

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
― Aristotle


~*~The power of education can transform lives, communities, and the world.~*~

The interest in Paganism and Witchcraft has rapidly increased over the past several years and due to this interest, online Magic and Pagan schools have popped up almost overnight. Some of these schools offer legitimate basic instruction, others are simply opportunists hoping to capitalize on a trend. Since, new student interests range from dabbling to serious study. For the dabbler, these schools are fine, as it gives them the opportunity to dip their toes in without putting forth much effort.

Here at UoS University, we strive to offer a full range of comprehensive courses for the serious student created by instructors who not only talk the talk, but who are walking their Path and teach from their experiences.

We are committed to the success of our students, both in and out of the classroom. Join our passionate team of instructors and staff, dedicated to helping students discover and advance along their chosen Path.
What We Look for in an Instructor or Mentor?

☸ Has seasoned experience
☸ Is willing to share skills and knowledge
☸ Has integrity
☸ Shares similar values
☸ Gives advice based on experience
☸ Listens
☸ Teaches the practical aspects of work
☸ Helps students learn what they cannot find in books
☸ Helps students discover their Path, even if it is different than their own
☸ Desires to help others succeed
☸ Has positive experience to share
☸ Has a good reputation for helping others
☸ Has time and energy to devote to teaching/mentoring
☸ Has up-to-date knowledge, as well as, wisdom of the tried-and-true
☸ Has a learning attitude and engages in seeking new knowledge
☸ Demonstrates effective managerial/mentoring skills
☸ Creates opportunities and opens doors
☸ Gets to know his/her students strengths and abilities
☸ Wants students to succeed
☸ Wants students to become independent
☸ Communicates hope and optimism
☸ Provides guidance and constructive feedback
☸ Strives to be respected by colleagues and the Pagan community
☸ Sets and meets ongoing professional goals
☸ Values the opinions and initiative of others
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